Interactive XR Visual Effects (Unite, Berlin, 2018)Indie VR Hentai and Sexuality in VR (A MAZE, Berlin, 2018)Designing VR Future Lab for Human Gene Modification (WAAG, Amsterdam, 2018)VR Design Best Practices (GameOn, Vilnius, 2017)Interactivity & Physicality for VR Storytelling (Sarajevo Film Festival, Sarajevo, 2017)VR for Artists (Comics & VR, Berlin, 2017)VR CG Panel + Creative VR (A MAZE, Berlin, 2017)Sound in VR (Tech Open Air, Berlin, 2017)German VR Meetups (CeBIT, Hanover, 2017)Interactivity in VR (Casual Connect, Berlin, 2017)DIY VR Hentai (Creative VR, Berlin, 2017)Weird VR (VR Now, Potsdam, 2016)Intro to VR Art (Creative VR, Berlin, 2016)My Perspective of Arts (Art Games, Berlin, 2016)

Exhibitions + Performances

VR Future Arcade at Tech Open Air (Berlin, 2018) VR Vernisáž at Vnitroblock (Prague, 2018) Zur Anderen Welt (Berlin, 2018) Plumsfest (Moscow, 2017)Artcaden (Berlin, 2017)Games Not Games at Electromuseum (Moscow, 2017)Augmented World Expo (Munich, 2017)Virtually Real (NYC, 2017)Artecitya (Thessaloniki, 2017)DJ CyberDeath at Hologate (Munich, 2017)A MAZE (Berlin, 2017)DJ CyberDeath Performance + Exhibition at CeBIT (Hanover, 2017)Augmented World Expo (Berlin, 2016)Mush Mush VR at Retune (Berlin, 2016)Miserable Pocketman at A MAZE (Berlin, 2016)Pixelart at X MARKT (Berlin, 2015)Wear It Berlin (Berlin, 2015)Printed Mars at A MAZE (Berlin, 2015)

Workshops + Gamejams

VR Design Workshop + Jam (Pamplona 89, Barcelona, 2017)Berlin Google XR Jam (VR Base, Berlin, 2017)Oculus Medium VR Jam (VR Base, Berlin, 2017)Shader Hangout Workshop (Berlin, 2017)Mini Game Jam (A MAZE, Berlin, 2016)